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What can I achieve by Puppet Therapy?

When you have anxieties or things that you wanted to tell someone but you couldn't (perhaps you are afraid of their reaction!), you may feel relieved byprojecting your feelings puppets.
For example your mind may be trapped within circles thought with no obvious resolution. You may continuously blame yourself or regret what you have done. For such situations, puppets may direct you to productive solutions by refocusing your thoughts.
Deep down we all know the ultimate answers to our questions, but we are not aware of them in most cases.
Puppets will help you to access your inner potential to find the answer that you truly want.
Once you can ask for the help of your unlimited wisdom, you will feel more confident and relieved.
You can redirect the unwanted thought patterns or negative emotions towards what you truly wish.
Thus you may obtain the better qualities that you have always longed for by solving the problems together with puppets.
Once you have learnt this technique, you may be able to find the solutions even without puppets.
You will like yourself more.

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