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How can I prepare my puppets?

You can make your own puppets using anything around you.
For example, you may simply draw the eyes on the paper back.
You can cut the stickers out in eye shape and draw the pupils and stick them on the socks.
If you do not have sticker, you can use the white papers and stick them by tape.


First you choose the subject/problem to tackle using your puppet.
For example:

  • What issue do you think that you can make better?

  • What would you like to do, but find difficult to do?

  • What should you quit, but cannot give up easily?

  • What problems you want to solve?

Now make your puppet and give him(her) a name.

  • Become friends with your puppet by talking to him(her).

  • It is better to say the words out loud when you talk. It is OK to whisper.

  • Always put your puppet on your left hand.

Puppet Therapy

  • Let your puppet talk about his(her) worries, and listen very well.

  • Ask your puppet if you have any hidden gains in not resolving the problems.

  • Ask puppet "what do you really want?"

  • Try to think of three or more ideas that might make a particular wish come true.

  • Select the idea you would like to use the most.

  • How do you think you can change the situation if you try that idea?

  • Let's talk with puppet how you feel after finishing this work.

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