Consider that Puppets are always your supporters. They will guide you to the answers that you truly need.
Everyone has the answers to their questions within themselves, but sometimes we may not be aware of them or are unable to reach them easily. How nice it would be if puppets help you to find the answers by connecting to your unlimited wisdom which is part of you?

Puppet Therapy is a technique to control and improve your state of mind through the conversation with puppets.
Talking with puppets can settle anxiety and solve your problems by helping you to connect with your latent wisdom. They may drop hints to help change yourself into the person you always wanted to be.
Puppet Therapy is often a good technique to solve in parenting. It can be very useful to assist a 's spiritual development.
Puppets will send you hints acting as your best supporters when you cannot avoid becoming irritated or feel isolated from the world.

When you have anxieties or things that you wanted to tell someone but you couldn't (perhaps you are afraid of their reaction!), you may feel relieved byprojecting your feelings puppets.
For example your mind may be trapped within circles thought with no obvious resolution. You may continuously blame yourself or regret what you have done. For such situations, puppets may direct you to productive solutions by refocusing your thoughts.
Deep down we all know the ultimate answers to our questions, but we are not aware of them in most cases.
Puppets will help you to access your inner potential to find the answer that you truly want.
Once you can ask for the help of your unlimited wisdom, you will feel more confident and relieved.
You can redirect the unwanted thought patterns or negative emotions towards what you truly wish.
Thus you may obtain the better qualities that you have always longed for by solving the problems together with puppets.
Once you have learnt this technique, you may be able to find the solutions even without puppets.
You will like yourself more.

Puppet Therapy will work all the following situations:

  • To help change or improve yourself (to be what you always wanted to be).

  • When you have worries and seek answers.

  • Strengthening mental toughness, for example overcoming weakness in playing sports.

  • Resolving problems in parenting and/or in guiding children.

  • If you feel absolutely stuck.

  • When you want to switch from the old patterns of your emotions or actions.

  • When you lack the courage to start something new.

  • If you have difficulty to quit something.

  • When you want to be more powerful and high-spirited.

...and in so many other situations!

You can make your own puppets using anything around you.
For example, you may simply draw the eyes on the paper back.
You can cut the stickers out in eye shape and draw the pupils and stick them on the socks.
If you do not have sticker, you can use the white papers and stick them by tape.


First you choose the subject/problem to tackle using your puppet.
For example:

  • What issue do you think that you can make better?

  • What would you like to do, but find difficult to do?

  • What should you quit, but cannot give up easily?

  • What problems you want to solve?

Now make your puppet and give him(her) a name.

  • Become friends with your puppet by talking to him(her).

  • It is better to say the words out loud when you talk. It is OK to whisper.

  • Always put your puppet on your left hand.

Puppet Therapy

  • Let your puppet talk about his(her) worries, and listen very well.

  • Ask your puppet if you have any hidden gains in not resolving the problems.

  • Ask puppet "what do you really want?"

  • Try to think of three or more ideas that might make a particular wish come true.

  • Select the idea you would like to use the most.

  • How do you think you can change the situation if you try that idea?

  • Let's talk with puppet how you feel after finishing this work.

The Puppet Therapy Society was established to let people in all over the world to get to know about puppet therapy and how it can give them answers any time they need. When you have suffered badly you may not be able to discuss your issues with relatives or close friends. We at the Puppet Therapy Society are here to help you to release suffering or achieve your desired outcome. We would like to send hope to anyone, young or old, by introducing this technique not only via our website and publications, but also at schools, hospitals and through institutions for those with special needs.

Fumiko Kato developed this unique psychological training to "frame" negative thoughts into a positive outlook. She makes national tours visiting schools to teach children, teachers and parents.
She recently started to use puppets in this training and has held workshops to teach Puppet Therapy.
Through this method, she sends the message that : "Choice, initiative, personal decision making and hope will always be open to you."

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